lunes, febrero 11, 2008

The United Nations inherited the totalitarian values of the French and Soviet revolutions

The uncontrolled structure of the ONU, with no checks and balances is the perfect centre of power for socialists with a global agenda. The laws of Memetics assure that fanatics with no family are more efficient propagandists, and are more prone to occupy the centres of power and influence.

In this video:

  • How UN is the depositary of the French and Soviet Revolutions for compulsory universal brotherhood, trough the use of violence, and the submission of individual values to social needs, centrally planned by an elite.
  • How the retreat from colonies from the thirties on was in fact a strategy of international socialists for giving up the third world to Soviet Union control.
  • How UN collaborated in this strategy from its very moment of creation, even with murderous military actions.
  • How UN supported birth control in China and euthanasia everywhere
  • How UN created his own religion of sacred global government
  • How UN support the erosion of family and individual values.

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It is said that the goal is to have a world currency