viernes, diciembre 19, 2008

Sexually aggressive women behavior is a natural male stressor and deterrent of man desire

Men in groups have different behavior that when they are alone when confronting with females in reproductive age. Generally, alone men are much more cautious and timorous. Women with unexpected aggressive sexual behavior are embarrassing for many males. I hypothesize that this behavior is more common when the woman is unknown and he is in an unknown place and when they are alone. Why? after all, men are stronger than women one to one. Why so much difference in numbers is necessary in men for being less discrete?.

The reason may be that we share a long evolutionary history where female offer of sex has been used in ambush by other males, perhaps long before we were even humans. This may have been used in war, robbery and even anthropofagy. Prostitution may be an evolution of this behavior, where the violent end of the ambush don´t takes place.

There are evolutionary reasons for expecting non aggressive sexual behavior from a woman. The sex that spends more resources in offspring upbringing is the more scarce resource, so that this sex is more selective. This sex is female for almost all of the living species. Women are selective, no aggressive. She don´t need to force any situation to have sex. An aggressive woman usually means that she want something more than sex. She wants money, or your life. This was not something to laugh at in the evolutionary past. And thus, our evolved psychology is designed to deal with this.

So the aggressive woman behavior triggers lack of desire and stress in man in different degrees depending on the clues of danger that the man can detect in the concrete situation. It is not strange to expect that, after the so called sexual revolution, many forms of pervasive, aggresive woman behavior probably generate a distressing continuous sensation of stress and lack of libido in many men.

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